Pick-ups are Fridays 3-7 and Saturdays 10-6, year round*, at Nalls Produce at 7310 Beulah Street, Alexandria VA 22315.Quality is guaranteed fresh through Saturday, so whichever day you choose to pick up, you will have farm fresh produce. Pick-up is easy! Check-in with a team member, return your empty box from last week, and pick-up your pre-paid Share for this week.

*some exclusions include select weekends, advance notice and adjusted payments will be provided



We vary where we source your Shares from throughout the year so we can ensure the most diversity and freshest quality.

December – March – Domestically sourced

April – May and September – November – East coast sourced

June – August – Locally sourced



No worries! We provide a “SWAP AREA” where members can freely trade out things that they don’t care for, or just get more of something they really love!

Or, if you just don’t know how to cook something, each week we provide recipe cards that correspond to your items so you can try out that strange new veggie or fruit.  Your family just might like it!  



When you join Crop Share, you join a community. You will receive access to an exclusive facebook group where you can share recipes and tips with your fellow crop share members. To get a taste of what our group is like, check out #cookingwithnalls on Instagram. We also have member-only gatherings and member-only sales/products for you to enjoy. It’s a great way to eat healthier, and meet your neighbors along the way!


$99 per month.

That’s 1 peck of produce, each week, for 1 month. So, while we bill monthly, you are essentially paying $24.25 per week.

Memberships can be pro-rated, no need to wait for the next billing cycle to sign up, and you can cancel at any time. Cancellations can be easily completed in the “My Account” portion of this website. Crop Share is a monthly program with flexible and realistic membership guidelines.Terms and Conditions apply, please read thoroughly.

There will be no pick-ups the weekends of 3/30/18, 6/29/18, 8/31/18, 11/23/18, 12/21/18* or 12/28/18*. These months have 5 weekends so you will still be billed the standard $99. *Note: December is shorter due to the holidays so you will only be charged for 2 weeks.

**$6 sign up fee is for a one time deposit on the wooden crate. The crate is to be returned weekly and exchanged for a full crate. If you are a returning member and have already incurred the deposit, use Coupon Code: RETURNINGMEMBER at check out to have the $6 fee removed from your bill.

What People are Saying

  • I love the Nalls weekly crop share. The boxes are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. I particularly like the non-traditional items that pop up regularly. Who knew kohlrabi?

    Martha M.
  • I’ve been {a long time} vegetarian but was in a broccoli and potato rut a lot of that time. Being a part of Nalls Crop Share program has introduced me to so many new and different vegetables that I would have shied away from but decided to try when they showed up in our crate! Having suggested recipes and pairings has been a huge help for me preparing meals for myself and my (non-vegetarian) family. We do also love the swap box - as a small family it’s nice to be able to exchange for the “fun” item or another item we know we’ll use.
    Jessica S.
  • If you have not been to Nalls Produce, you are missing out! The family run farm is located off Beulah in Alexandria, Va. They have fresh, in season produce, affordable CSA with milk and egg options, and gorgeous plants to include a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm. There is something for every family to be found at Nalls. Also, check out their locally stocked sauces and salsas, Ed The Sausage Guy, I could go on! Nalls is a part of my family and I recommend this farm to all families!

    Sarahbeth R.

What we love about Crop Share!

Reverse Engineering Your Meals

Instead of thinking about what you want to cook for dinner, you begin with the ingredients and work backwards. That ensures you are eating your veggies!

Thursdays, members receive a preview e-mail with that week’s items so meal planning can begin ahead of pick up!

Building Healthy Eating Habits

Sometimes we have to retrain our brain into developing healthy habits – Crop Share can be a great trigger.

You feel pressure to use all your veggies and fruits because you don’t want them to go to waste and you know you will be picking up more soon and will need the refrigerator space.

So what do you do?

You eat your veggies.

And repeat.

Next thing you know,  you and your family is used to lots of fresh produce being in the house and in your meals.