1 dozen eggs per week

Pasture Raised, All-Natural, Large Brown Eggs from Nature’s Yoke in Pennsylvania.

Pasture raised hens are grass-fed and have the freedom to roam in small farm pastures wherever they please. Their diet consists mostly of insects, grass, or other natural products they find while pecking and scratching around. Occasionally, it will be supplemented with a feed made of all natural grains. This supplemental feed contains no antibiotics, animal by-products or added hormones to keep our hens healthy and happy.

Pastured eggs tend to have darker yolks, and higher levels of Vitamin E – making them extra delicious. Try our pasture raised eggs today to taste and see the difference for yourself!



1 half gallon of milk per week

Fresh milk from grass fed cows!  Our milk is supplied by Trickling Springs Creamery in southern PA and delivered fresh every Friday. The farmers take the best care of their animals, giving them access to pasture all year round. They are not pushed into growth or production with synthetic hormones, and the milk is non-GMO. Trickling Springs holds its farmers to strict standards of animal welfare, land eco-sustainability, and milk quality.  The milk is minimally processed with low-temp pasteurization.

Skim, 2%, and whole milk are available. They come in old fashioned glass bottles that we ship back weekly to Trickling Springs for them to clean and refill. By ordering milk, you will incur $8 in bottle deposits each month. When you return your empty bottles, those deposits will be refunded.